money is the root of all evil

Cf. I TIMOTHY vi. 10 (AV) The love of money is the root of all evil. Both the biblical original and the shorter version are current.

c 1000 AELFRIC Homilies (1843) I. 256 Seo gytsung is ealra yfelra thinga wyrtruma [covetousness is the root of all evil things].

c 1449 R. PECOCK Repressor of Blaming of Clergy (1860) II. 555 Loue to worthi to be Poul seith, it is ‘the roote of al yuel’.

1616 J. WITHALS Dict. (rev. ed.) 546 Riches are the root of all euill.

1777 in L. H. Butterfield et al. Adams Family Correspondence (1963) II. 345 Many have been loth to believe..That Money is the Root of all Evil.

1858 TROLLOPE Dr. Thorne I. xii. ‘But, doctor, you’ll take the money.’.. ‘Quite impossible..’ said the doctor,..valiantly rejecting the root of all evil.

1978 W. L. DEANDREA Killed in Ratings ii. Magazines have got these funny little sayings... Here’s one. ‘Money is the root of all evil..but that’s one evil I’m rooting for.’

2001 R. HILL Dialogues of Dead xliii. 355 ‘Anyway there we have it, a dollar sign and a Roman coin. I suppose it could be some kind of statement about money being the root of all evil?’

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